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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  April 27, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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month-old baby bair mother has led to tighten security at some offices of maryland's office of social services. >> the procedures will go into effect on monday. >> the child has been upgraded to fair condition. she is at hopkins children's center. security measures were in place, but now they have increased those security procedures. >> the events on tuesday were a terrible tragedy. >> the department of human resources secretary of first concern for the eight-month-old who was stabbed multiple times by her mother. >> our thoughts and prayers remain with the young child. she is recovering and we hope she will make a speedy recovery. >> he commands staff for
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intervening in the attack. -- commends staff for interfering -- intervening in the attack. but the question is how kenisha thomas got a night for security. >> the suspect did walk through the metal detector. we believe the knife was concealed in the bag. >> kenisha thomas she came to the office for a supervised visit with her daughter. she became agitated when the hour-long session was ending. she pulled the kitchen knife from her purse and repeatedly stabbed the baby. thomas said, "i hope my baby is dead." >> we are installing lockers at four facilities in baltimore. those bags must be checked in
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the locker speak before you go through the metal detector and before you are allowed to have a supervised visit. >> case workers who expressed concern can have the second social worker in the ramp and a security officer outside the door. -- in the the room and a security officer outside the door. >> we believe they are sufficient to enhance security and prevent another event like this from happening again. >> until those lockers are installed, and everybody will have to dump out any bags they are carrying. thomas faces eight charges, including attempted first-degree murder and child abuse. >> we have breaking news out of northeast baltimore. >> from what we can understand,
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a rogue dog in the biking a teenager. police in did have chasing the dog down. from what we understand, we know at least one teenager has been -- they are waiting for animal control to respond. they're trying to notify the owner to see if they can apprehend this dog. >> bail denied for the man accused of the murder of phylicia barnes. michael johnson was a flight risk and a threat to public safety. we have been following the case. >> court testimony shed light on the relationship between johnson
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and the victim. michael johnson, charged with the 2010 murder of phylicia barnes. after listening to prosecutors describe the circumstances, a judge determined that the johnson was a flight risk. phylicia barnes's family and friends believe the judgment the right decision. >> if you are guilty, it will come out. >> court testimony revealed that johnson and phylicia barnes traded as many as 500 messages the summer before she disappeared. she complained to another sister that she was uncomfortable with johnson. the way things are going, everything will hit the fan. the way things are going, i should go to brazil. one of his attendants attorneys
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argued that prosecutors that the context wrong. johnson was about to become a father, something he did not want. >> there is an extremely circumstantial case against him. simple text messas, then moving out of an apartment. it does not rise to the level of an arrest. 100%, we believe in his innocence. >> the state contends that phylicia barnes died from asphyxiation. johnson was spotted sweating profusely. the defense contends johnson was simply moving and that he and phylicia barnes's sister were no longer a couple. >> he is scared. he has never dealt with the criminal-justice system. he is scared and he has a newborn child to care for. he cannot do that from inside the jail. >> according to court testimony,
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johnson does not have a criminal record, but the state found he uses an alias and an alternative date of birth and social security number. no court date has been set for a trial. >> prosecutors are asking a florida judge to raise the bond for george zimmerman. back in february, -- the request comes after they learned as a man had raised $200,000, for his defense. -- george zimmerman it raced to hundred thousand dollars, for his defense. >> when george zimmerman was released from jail on monday on $150,000 bond, it was with the understanding that he and his family had limited assets. the understanding was that his family had taken a second mortgage to raise the $150,000.
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but now a revelation. george so many, with its web site, raised $204,000. a portion of which was used to supplement the money needed to get him out of jail. family saysin's that is a lie to the court. he committed perjury. he did not revealed its assets, and he did not reveal the true story. they are demanding that judge bring him back to sanford, florida. this is what their attorney had to say. >> you have george simmons testimony at the bond hearing. -- george zimmerman testimony at the bond hearing. the lion has already begun. >> but his defense attorney says even though they did not reveal its immediately to the courts, it is now on the records. he points out the money that
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they are raising is no different than the money the martin family is raising with their own website. >> the question is whether or not he felt that was not needed to be disclosed because it was not readily available to him. >> george zimmerman remains free on $150,000 bond. the judge has not indicated whether anything on that front will change. >> testimony continues today in the trial of the werdesheim brothers. accused of beating a baltimore teenager. testimony came from a defense witness. he was the first person to arrive on the scene and the only other party who saw what happened but the witness told the court he saw the teenager acting in a suspicious manner. at one point, swinging a piece of wood.
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prosecution witnesses have not been able to confirm what happened after the verbal confrontation. your high weight headaches are about to get worse. baltimore city transportation officials tell us they are adding more lane closures around 29 street starting at 6:00 tomorrow morning, two left lanes will be closed until noon. once the double lane closure is lifted, a single left lane blocking to be in effect in each direction until construction is complete. that is expected to take until eight weeks. >> much adieu about nothing for the ravens. are sports director joins us live from the training facility. i understand they have to make a
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pick tonight, right? >> the ravens will make some picks tonight, but don't be surprised if there is more wheeling and dealing. they come in tonight with nine picks. nine is an awful lot of picks to have to bring into training camp. they find themselves with two number 2 picks. they have some room to play around. i would not be surprised if they tried to trade up. they will have the third pick of the night tonight when the second round gets underway at 7:00. there are still plenty of names on the board. some of those players include the center from wisconsin, the highest -- defensive end from alabama, wide receiver from georgia tech. an offensive tackle -- mike
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adams, a tackle from ohio state. in other talented -- all guys who are available and likely the majority of them will still be available when the ravens exercise that third pick tonight when the second round gets underway. they have two picks in tonight's second round, and one in the third round. they could close out of business tonight with three people off the board. that is only the theory. >> we are over more breaking news tonight. a manhole explosion downtown. >> this is the green street and lexington. they had a manhole cover explode. it's about 100 feet from the manhole. baltimore city fire crews are on the scene. if you are trying to go to the
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baseball game, southbound train street is shut down. -- southbound greene street is shut down. >> starting this weekend, and massive move for johns hopkins patients into a new facility. >> hospital officials say there is an important change that you need to know
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>> the house passed -- the house and a bill to the senate to keep student loans low. >> good evening from capitol hill. this involves young voters, women voters, health care, and millionaires. both political parties agreed that student loan rates should stay at 3.4%. but they battled in the house. it is an election year, but we have to fight about everything? >> the answer is yes. >> the bill is passed. >> republicans pushed through their plan by paying for the college loans by cutting women's health screening.
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democrats raised the roof. >> 4000 women die every year from cervical cancer. >> take the money from millionaires and rich corporations, said democrats. >> shut down the giveaway of taxpayer dollars to the oil industry. >> president obama will veto the republican plan. democrats say he actually won today. he staged a campaign style advance at three colleges this week. the president seemed to be backing students. democrats claim this is what forced gop lawmakers to ok cheap student loans. >> the republicans folded because the president made the issue too hot to handle. >> democrats to charge again that republicans are at war with women. >> entirely created by my colleagues across the aisle for political gain.
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>> top republicans frustrated, mitt romney went to a college in ohio. students and women, the focus of both sides. >> johns hopkins hospital is preparing to move patients and doctors into its massive new building this weekend. patients at the old facility will begin moving into the $1.1 billion clinical towers. it features advanced technology, private patient rams. -- private patient rooms make sure you had to 1800' orlean street. hospital will be open to the public on tuesday. >> in tonight's medical alerts,
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and you report says there is still no definitive evidence linking cell phone use to cancer. british scientists looked at hundreds of studies and said there is no definite link. they said more studies are still needed to determine the potential long-term effects. if you have any unused prescription drugs, now is your chance to properly discard them. it is national prescription take back a day. safely get rid of the expired prescription medication. there are 5000 sites all over the country, including the university of maryland police department. this is the fourth year that d.a. has held such an event. -- dea has held such an event. >> prescription drugs, most studies show are the most abused drug this side of marijuana.
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>> the university of maryland police department will be hosting a site on saturday april 28. as for other sites, you can go to the new >> your insta-weather-plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> rainshowers yesterday kept the pollen count down. the count is 135, not bad compared to what we have seen. it has been a pretty nice spring day with a little bit of cloud cover. mostly white clouds and not producing rank in our area. mostly clear sky developing statewide from ocean city to baltimore. the only thing that you really have to contend with, the gusty plans.
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close to 30 miles per hour. 24 at the naval academy, 22 in cambridge. slightly lighter winds out west. we should see them diminishing overnight. clear skies and dry air, lighter winds will let the temperatures drop, too. we are running below normal across central and eastern maryland. with the clear skies tonight, we could get close to freezing. carroll county and frederick county, washington county, freeze potential. frost advisers for number baltimore and the eastern shore. -- northern baltimore and the eastern shore. you might want to bring the plants in. low 30's in the suburbs. yesterday's rainmaker getting
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out of here, we have some dry weather in between systems. tomorrow, we deal with this. a lot of rain across the plains. goodness for the weekend, it looks like the bulk of the rain will come through tomorrow night. you might be able to sneak in some things early tomorrow morning. it is going to get cloudy fairly quick, but the bulk of the rain holds off until late afternoon. it cuts across the area tomorrow night. i think we will be able to enjoy quite a bit of sunshine. overall, some of the rain that we need, but not too bad for the weekend. clouds increasing tomorrow morning. a chilly day. tomorrow, upper 50's. heading out on the chesapeake tomorrow? watch for what whether tomorrow afternoon. -- wet weather tomorrow afternoon. a nice finish to the weekend.
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eastern shore, the rain holding off until late afternoon. 59 degrees. on the lower eastern shore, the rain comes and tomorrow night. it clears out in the afternoon. high temperatures at ocean city will run below normal. 57 tomorrow, 62 on sunday, but we are back in the mid-60's on monday. the 70's on tuesday. it looks that we will hit the 80's for the end of next week. >> an unusual flyover up the east coast. >> piggybacking on a 747 common enterprise takes off from washington to its final destination. >> new accounts as to what might have happened in the trial.
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>> touchdown at jfk.
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an unusual looking flying object making its way to new york city. the space shuttle enterprise, its final trip to its in to be permanent ,. >> it is remarkable. the prototype to a low altitude flight over over many of the landmarks in manhattan. >> there we go. >> an american icon over america's i contest skylines -- over america is iconic skylines. >> this is the most awesome thing to say. >> sitting on top of the 747, and replies -- enterprise below over new york city. the statue of liberty provided a moving back track as the symbol of america's space prowess soared overhead. >> it is a once-in-a-lifetime
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thing. >> earlier in the morning, enterprise left its home for the past 27 years. the space shuttle discovery bove replace the enterprise at the smithsonian. while the enterprise at never flew in space, it did serve as the training shuttle and will now be on public display at the aaron space museum starting in mid-july. >> it is to honor our heroes and inspire our youth. we are so proud that enterprise will carry out this mission going forward. >> workers sure that pride. >> they said we are getting enterprise, i was the happiest guy in the world. this is the one i really wanted. >> enterprise showing the people of new york and america the lasting legacy of the space shuttle program.
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>> an amazing sight. it has been nearly 10 years since the worst tornado in maryland history ripped through charles county. >> how the town will commemorate the anniversary and remember those who lost their lives. >> she survived and unimaginable horror when she was kidnapped as a child. elizabeth smart is sharing her story with hundreds. she sat down exclusively with 11 she sat down exclusively with 11 news to talk about [ male announcer ] if you have yet to master the quiet sneeze... [ sneezes ] [ male announcer ] you may be an allergy muddler. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. love the air. [ sneezes ]
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>> live, local, latebreaking.
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your insta-weather-plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. 11 news at 5 continues now. >> it was one of the most well- known child adoption cases. elizabeth smart kidnapped from her bedroom back in 2002. she was found and returned, nine months later. after her harrowing tale of physical and emotional abuse, she said she is ready to help other victims. >> she paid a trip to hartford county to share her story of survival. she spoke exclusively with jennifer franciotti. >> [inaudible] >> sharing incredibly personal details about the most horrific time for life, elizabeth smart talks about her kidnapping inside the center at mt. christian church.
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>> smart was the keynote speaker for cherished the child. engagement's like this are her passionate now, sharing her story of survival and hope. she spoke exclusively with 11 news. >> every case that is investigated comes to a sad ending. not all of them into sad. mine was a happy ending. i know there are many more children out there. >> that is why since her abduction at 14, she has dedicated her life to making a difference. nine years later, she is a newlywed, and news correspondent, and an activist for missing and abused children. she started the elizabeth smart foundation with her father. >> we are working with -- we are
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working on a child empowerment program. it addresses issues from kidnapping all the way to bullying. >> she is teaching by example. >> everybody in this world has hard times. everyone has ups and downs. we all can heal. >> taking her mom's advise the day after she first came back, elizabeth says she will not give her kidnapper one more moment of for life. she feels it is your duty to give back for all of those who prayed for her safe return. >> i would be so ungrateful if i did not take this opportunity to step forward and speak for those victims. to try to make a difference for children everywhere. >> remarkable young woman. here is a look at some of our other top stories.
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the department of social services tightening security after kenisha thomas got and not by security and stabbed her eight-month-old baby during unsupervised visit. we are told that the four facilities will have newly installed lockers. caseworkers to express concern can have a second social worker inside the room and a security officer outside the door. those procedures go into effect monday. a judge decided that the man accused of killing phylicia barnes will not get to bail. it comes as a strange twist unfolds. two attorneys hired to represent michael johnson. she is also representing the former lead detective in need barnes case. as of right now, johnson's current attorney remains the one
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on record. >> a former anne arundel county teacher has learned his fate. he has been sentenced to 20 years in prison, but a judge ruled all but seven of those years be suspended. after his prison term, he will be on probation for five years. if he violates it, and he will serve the original sentence. he taught english. baltimore city transportation officials are adding more lane closures to the jones falls expressway. starting at 6:00 tomorrow morning, two lanes will be closed until noon for repairs. once the double lane closure is lifted at noon, a single left lane blockage will be in effect in each direction until the construction is complete. that is expected to take up to eight weeks. the prosecution's star witness in the john edwards trial, andrew young, wrap up testimony
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today after five days on the witness stand. >> during his fifth day of testimony, he told the jury the last time he met with john edwards, he feared for his life. edwards attorney pressed young about that meeting and a sex tape. asking him, "were you afraid there was a gun or tape recorder?" during two days of cross- examination, the defense team has portrayed his former confidant and good friend as a lawyer field by greed. >> the defense was able to turn this from a trial of john edwards into the trial of andrew young. >> defense attorneys say it was young orchestrated -- he has demanded that he and his family
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took trips to disney and legoland and vacations in mexico. he used to hundred thousand dollars to pay for a pool. >> instead of this money, this money stayed with andrew beyond. john edwards knew almost nothing about it. >> he finished his week of testimony shortly after lunch. they called his wife to the stand. she has been cast as a person in charge of the family finances and should help to piece together whether they significant money trail. >> everybody knows the line. no crying in baseball. >> the parents of a young boy who cried over not catching a foul ball are speaking out. what they had to say about the couple who caught the ball. >> a bill to prevent rates on
5:37 pm
student loans from doubling passes the house.
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>> police in washington, d.c., have arrested the man accused of striking a woman in the head with a hammer. he could be responsible for a series of similar attacks. michael davis was taken into custody thursday evening and charged with aggravated assault. authorities say davis attacked a one in the same washington neighborhood where similar attacks have occurred. police are trying to determine if davis is linked to the tuesday evening killing. the woman suffered serious head injuries. >> a foul ball tossed into the fans by a player at wednesday night's texas rangers came up left a toddler in tears. the family of the little boy is speaking out, they had no idea what was going on. she said she saw the ball on the
5:41 pm
floor and the center has been got it. the whole scene was caught on the stadium's big screens. " i felt sorry for camera and for the couple. they were made out to be such a horrible people. i did not get that impression from them at all. they were very sweet. >> come on, cameron. there is no crying in baseball. that ball was tossed up from the dugout at the end of the night. everybody is happy now. >> a lot of people did feel that they were -- they were not being like that. >> we are learning about some great deals for flights out of baltimore, as well as $50. >> of what you need to know about an airtran deal that runs out just before midnight. >> a former harlem globetrotter
5:42 pm
brings a message of motivation to students at a carroll county elementary school. >> we have frost advisories tonight and a chilly rain heading our way. what about
5:43 pm
>> coming up at 6:00, bell denied for the suspect in the death of phylicia barnes. the werdesheim brothers trial continues with more testimony. we will have these stories for you
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>> students have learned to apply what they have learned in the classroom. it is not only a story about learning, but also about leading. >> it was an in-your-face, high energy school assembly with a former member of the harlem globetrotters. his name, charles smith. his basketball ability is not the only thing that impressed students and staff. smith came to promote his book which helps young people make the connection between learning and living. >> i have a passion for it, live what you learn. be a leader by example. anything that you want to do in your life.
5:46 pm
" the students deserve the credit for bringing this basketball legend to campus. >> we integrated the writing curriculum. each rod and opinion argument paper to persuade them to visit. here he is. >> we wanted him to come to our school and inspire kids. >> the think the students have been inspired? -- do you think the students have been inspired? >> they will do big things when they grow up. it.earne >> that is what motivated smith to write this book. >> i wanted to build a baseball field because i was not old enough to play little league. the kids in the neighborhood did
5:47 pm
not have a baseball field. >> school administrators were so impressed with the book and its message, they're trying to put one in the hands of all 450 students. that will take a lot of donations. >> it has been nearly 10 years since the worst tornado in maryland history of ripped through downtown in charles county. april 28, 2002, businesses and homes destroyed by 250 mile per hour when spirit that foster killed five people -- 250 mile per hour winds. back twister killed five people. people are invited to share their stories from the day the tornado struck. all of us can remember that. it was horrifying. >> we were looking at the radar screen.
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it was so obvious on the radar. we do not usually seen that around here. that was a clear-cut massive dangerous storm. we are getting closer to that tornado season. but with cool temperatures, we are protected from severe weather. temperatures for the sixth straight day it cooler than normal. it has been a rarity around the winter and spring. you have to go back to the last days of october of last fall to find the last time we had six days in a row with temperatures below normal. 61 degrees today at the airport. the normal is almost 70. the morning was pretty typical. it is that afternoon hideout was running below normal. -- high that was running below normal. we had a little bit of cloud cover, mostly clear skies.
5:49 pm
annapolis a gust of 31 miles per hour. those winds will die down as they go through the evening. the skies will be clear. the temperatures will be dropping rapidly, leading to the possibility of some freezing conditions. frederick county, southern pennsylvania. he might want to protect those plants. in the blue areas, number baltimore, howard and montgomery counties, those counties could have frost in the mornings. it is going to be chilly. 34, the coldest suburbs. that front is off the coast. to the west, this area of
5:50 pm
cloudiness comment that is our weekend rain. the book said able get your tomorrow afternoon. clouds -- it looks like it will get here tomorrow afternoon. by 2:00 or 3:00, the rain starts moving in. it stays with us 3 saturday night. i think we will be able to salvage most of sunday with clearing skies and pretty decent weather. monday, partly cloudy. next week, a warming trend will be again. pebble beach early tomorrow. -- it will be chilly tomorrow. the chilly rain in the mountains tomorrow, just 47 degrees. it should clear up on sunday. on the eastern shore, sunday looks decent. ocean city, the rain arrives toward evening tomorrow. seven-day forecast, temperatures stay below normal for the weekend, we start to see them
5:51 pm
climb next week. could even hit the low 80's by thursday and friday. >> new numbers out from the commerce department shows the u.s. economy has been growing slowly than the first part of the year. federal, state, and local government spent less and the last three months. one white -- consumers are spending. they are spending at the fastest pace in more than a year. the economy will continue to expand, but slowly and steadily. the strength in consumer spending is coming from a robust quarter of growth in auto sales. there are just six hours left for you to take advantage of a major deal with airtran. until 11:59, the airline is lowering fares for flights out of baltimore-washington starting as low as $49. that is for a one-week trip to
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certain locations. there is also a deal for trips to orlando, florida, for less than $100. if it sounds like something you can do, go to our website, there is a baby -- take a look at this. there it is. the small parts inside can fall out and that could pose a choking hazard. nationwide -- they were sold nationwide. you are advised to take the rattle away from your baby right away. you can return it for a full refund. for information, go to our website, >> researchers say breast feeding is costing working mothers their income.
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free milk can add up to thousands of dollars a year in lost wages. the study looked at more than 1300 first-time mothers. women who breast fed six months or longer lost the most money. reduced hours are the biggest factor. on-site day care could help many working women. well interest rate on federal student loans will continue for the next year. that is one thing lawmakers can agree on. we will look at the gop plan and the democratic plan at 6:00. >> getting ready for preakness, but that story is coming out. [ female announcer ] with xfinity, you can always expect more. like more on demand shows and movies than ever. and more ways to discover them too.
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plus more speed from america's fastest internet provider. so you can run more devices at the same time. ♪ feel a firework [ female announcer ] and best of all, it keeps getting better. no wonder more people choose xfinity over any other provider. ♪ love can be so mystical ♪
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>> on prick the state, there will be about 30,000 flowers -- preakness day, there will be 30,000 flowers. the man who is in charge has been working towards the big race stay for months. we have this story. >> this year's preakness is on may 19. the job of getting everything ready starts months ahead. >> we are making this a bigger. did you a little bit more space. >> been harrison is the director of facilities. it is his job to get it ready
5:57 pm
for its biggest day of the year. preakness. >> a lot of people working to get the place spruced up and looking good. these are the suites. customers stand on the deck. they can watch the horses. these are the bars that might prove bills. they do an awesome job. i have some excellent carpenters. >> this starts months before the preakness. wendy's start working? >> in november -- when you start working? >> we start in november. testing the basic layout. >> out on the infield, work is well under way. >> these are tense under construction. these are corporate hospitality tents. a lot of stuff.
5:58 pm
a lot of equipment. >> how many tents? >> over 70, it is huge. >> there are lots of flowers, about 30,000 flowers. >> i want to make sure they have a little color. they will go up monday. >> there is a lot to do and a lot to remember. >> a lot of flowers, a flower boxes, what else? >> have you forgotten something? >> i am sure. there is so much, i cannot remember. >> a lot to do. we are your home before the running of the preakness. we will carry the second leg of the triple crown life on may 19. live tv coverage before and
5:59 pm
after the big race. it is going to be a very big day. that is all for us at 5:00. >> court testimony reveals new details in the state's case against the accused killer of phylicia barnes. unique account as to what may have happened in the park heights neighborhood. i will have the story. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6. >> bill has been denied for accused killer michael johnson. that is our big story tonight. circuit court judge determined that johnson was a flight risk and a threat to public safety. >> david collins is following the developments. >> a lot of court room observers >> a lot of court room observers were pleasantl


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